PC Rules and Guidelines

What DM wants from you!
Simply put I want you to care about your character. To help you with this process I require players write (handwritten helps you invest more but typed is 100% fine) around 1/2 page minimum (more is always fine but make sure it all fits in the world well) If you cannot find a portrait good enough for your PC a description will work fine.

Expected Table behavior

  • No phones during play (with a few exceptions)
  • try and keep non campaign talk either
    • to a minimum
    • quiet and to the side as not to disrupt others
  • Anything that is said at the table can be taken seriously and added to the session by DM unless accompanied by an “aside” abuse of this aside rule will result in “aside” being ignored1
  • Try and refer to players by PC names
  • breaks will be taken often as required to get food drinks and any other needs

Attendance Expectations

  • Unless severe there will be no punishment for a no show beyond
    • Missing out on possible key campaign points
    • Your PC will not gain any experience from the encounters
  • After a notable amount of no shows your PC may simply be written out all together. If you wish to rejoin you might have to roll a new character.2

1 Abuse counts as a string of joke actions (i.e. I jump into the lava pit and drag Matwat with me… ASIDE) of 2 or more. Or if every other action (or so) is an aside statement. Usually DM will issue a warning unless it’s a consistent issue. This doesn’t mean you can’t make these jokes but please do not overdo it.

2 notable amount of no shows means a consistent amount of no shows without any meaningful reason to why. If DM writes your character out in a way they could be brought back then if you rejoin us you will be allowed to play them. Best way to assure this happens is relay to the DM when you are feeling like you need a break from the campaign so that we can work together to come up with a reason why your character is gone.

PC Rules and Guidelines

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